Make Yourself Heard

Make Yourself Heard, March 6, 2018

workshop on make yourself heard

Yogyakarta. Still a series of the same event, on March 6, 2018, Cochrane Indonesia held a training themed "Making Yourself Heard (MYH)". The MYH training aims to train the participants to create a strategy on how to make their product/opinion heard, how to make their aims come true, and how to package information to be more appealing to their audience and more importantly , theĀ  stakeholders.

Led by Shauna Hurley from Cochrane Australia, his half-day activity was attended by 28 people, and took the theory-practice-theory-practice theory to make it interactive. In each practical session, the 28 participants were initially divided into groups of 4-5 people. Each group then discussed the case presented by Shauna Hurley, who focused on determining key messages, determining news media, and etc. The half-day training event concludes with a question and answer session on the experience and materials delivered. (*)