Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Translation Workshop, March 6, 2018

Workshop on Knowledge Translation

Yogyakarta. After the launch of Cochrane Indonesia on March 5, 2018 ago at Universitas Gadjah Mada, the very next day on March 6, 2018, began the first Cochrane training series titled "Knowledge Translation (KT)". This training was led by Prof. Sally Green, the Co-Director of Cochrane Australia. The KT training aims to train the participants' to appeal to stakeholders consisting of patients, stakeholders, teachers, researchers and health workers themselves, on the importance of their research or information on the implementation of evidence-based health.

Attended by no less than 40 participants, this event was held in the Senate Room of KPTU Building UGM FKKMK from 08.00 am to 12.00 noon and discuss everything from determining what research is most appropriate to do, how to do it, what strategy Cochrane apply in conveying information, and how to evaluate the interventions that have been done. To further ensure that participants benefit from increased skills after the training, participants were allowed to engage inĀ  group discussion session, consisting 6-7 people each. They were assigned tasks and directly supervised by Prof. Sally Green as their facilitator.

The end of this session, each group was required to present the results of the discussion on the case given. The event was ended with a question and answer session, where the participants enthusiastically shared their experience while in the field and obtained feedback from Prof Sally Green. (*)