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The Center for Clinical Epidemiology-Evidence Based Medicine at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital – Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (CE-EBM RSCM/FMUI) was established in 2010 as an outcome of AsiaLink CE-EBM Project, the purpose of which was to improve the teaching and research of CE and EBM in Indonesia. Our vision is to be the leading center of excellence by providing expertise in the field of CE and EBM for everyone. To serve this purpose, there are six components to our mission:

  1. to carry out education and training in CE and EBM
  2. to produce high-quality research
  3. to provide research assistance
  4. to conduct health technology (HTA) assessments
  5. to conduct clinical practice guidelines (CPG) assessment, and
  6. to increase health literacy

The contribution of our CE-EBM unit to the practice of EBM in Indonesia follows the 2015-2019 CE-EBM road map which focuses on education and training, research, assessment of CPGs and HTAs, and providing research assistance.

Throughout the year we run numerous certified training courses and workshops. As a training center, we provide workshops on medical writing, biostatistics, evidence-based practice, systematic review and meta analysis, HTA, diagnostic research and prognostic research. Our training service extends to the provision of train-the-trainer for EBM to improve the quality of our EBM teaching. We have also provided in-house training for other national hospitals, including Dharmais Hospital (national referral hospital for cancer), Persahabatan hospital (national referral hospital for respiratory diseases).

Our CE-EBM unit has contributed to the EBM education in Indonesia by providing clinical epidemiology and evidence based medicine modules inside the medical education curriculum in FMUI which spans undergraduates, specialization and sub-specialization programs, and PhD programs to elevate our students’ skill and competency related to clinical epidemiology and evidence based medicine.

Besides producing publications on prognostic studies, diagnostic studies, clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses as a research center, we provide research assistance to the staff in the departments of RSCM-FMUI, both relating to primary studies as well as systematic reviews and meta-analysis. We also assisted the Indonesian Ministry of Health and other stake-holders in producing evidence that was used for the development of evidence-based policy in Indonesia through projects such as the Evidence Summit in Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia, a collaborative project of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/AIPI) and the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Our service in HTA and CPG assessment has produced recommendations and evidence-based CPGs for the national referral hospital, RSCM. Our CE-EBM unit has conducted assessmentsand dissemination of the CPGs to the students and the medical staff, as well as the teaching staff in RSCM-FMUI.

In 2018, our CE-EBM become the coordinator for Indonesia in the Health-I Project, which is a project initiated by Julius Center UMC Utrecht and involving tow European institutions (University College of London, University of Autonoma Barcelona) and four Indonesian institutions (Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran, Universitas Gadjah Mada and Universitas Hasanuddin). The project aims to develop innovative educational programs and enhance capacity building in clinical epidemiological research and to build facility for online courses in Indonesia.

I hope that Cochrane Indonesia will bring improvement in the practice of evidence-based medicine in Indonesia and I also hope our CE-EBM RSCM-FMUI can give huge contribution to Cochrane Indonesia.

Prof. Siti Setiati MD, PhD
Head, CE-EBM Unit
Cipto Mangunkusumo National Hospital - Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia

Prof. Sudigdo (former head of CEEBM), Prof. Siti Setiati (head of CEEBM) and CEEBM Staff

Image: Prof. Sudigdo (former head of CEEBM), Prof. Siti Setiati (head of CEEBM) and CEEBM Staff

Image: Prof. Sudigdo (former head of CEEBM), Prof. Siti Setiati (head of CEEBM) and CEEBM Staff